Omar López Mato


Is an ophthalmologist. He is also a writer and a historical and artistic researcher. He was born in Buenos Aires and became a doctor with graduation honors (received a gold medal; which is known as the Villamil Award) from Universidad del Salvador. He is the director of Instituto de la Visión and of Olmo Ediciones as well. Some of his books are: Ciudad de Ángeles, Historia del Cementerio de la Recoleta, Males de Artistas, Monstruos como nosotros, La Patria enferma, Ángeles de Buenos Aires and the book series “Detrás de las Pinturas” (Desnudo de Mujer, A su Imagen y Semejanza, Cuadros Clínicos and La Marea de los Tiempos). Many of his books have been published in Spain and in Italy. He writes a column for La Prensa newspaper and participates in articles for magazines and newspapers such as Perfil and La Capital. He had a radio program called “Hablemos de Historia” from 2006 to 2009. Nowadays, he is involved in the radio program known as “Tenemos Historia”. He directed and hosted the TV series “Males de Artistas” and the TV show called “Ojo Clinico”, both aired on Metro Channel. In 2013, he was engaged in the column “Historias de la Historia” for the program called “Alto Nivel.” He has five children.

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